Working the Margaret Weis booth, selling that #firefly

#margaretweis #rpgs (at Gen Con 2014)

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imageJill Valentine (Resident Evil) Cosplay

That’s right - don’t even try to give credit to a cosplayer. This is Jill Valentine (from Resident Evil Nemesis) by Rose Ryan ; Photographed by Simon Trussell. More pictures can be found HERE.

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"By 20, she was one of the top female assassins in the world."

O-ren Ishii FB/tumblr
Photography flickr/

Oh my dear god, that is the most horrible shooting form I’ve ever seen. From head to toe:

Neck strained forward is bad. It’s difficult to maintain that pose for long, and the shooter should be able to drop their cheek right on the stock when the rifle is shouldered. If you can’t do that, you need to check your shouldering or get a cheek-raiser. Also, you’re not supposed to have your eye right to the scope, at least an inch between your eye and the lens is proper. Plus, if your eye were right on the scope, you’d have a black eye from one shot.

Torso is TOO VERTICAL. Either lean into the shot with your torso forward, or put your belly 90* to the plane of the gun and tuck your supporting arm elbow into your side, leaning away from the gun.

Not seeing any Chicken Winging, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Legs/feet: Determined by the shooter’s choice of stance, but in this case, heels are not helping at all, back leg is too straight. Feet should be parallel, knees bent which helps absorb recoil and encourages a forward lean which also absorbs recoil.

One last note: You have a fucking bipod. Use it. Prone position is FAR more stable and accurate than STANDING UP to shoot. Some sniper you are.

do you know that I am not actually one of the top female assassins in the world

I could feel my brain leaking out of my ears as I read his response

People getting asshurt over trigger discipline in cosplay. 

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Last year I didn’t even know Jamaican cosplayers existed. nice to know we have so many dedicated and loveable weirdos here.

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Brothers Conflict Cosplay Set 2
We got to wear our BroCon Cosplays again at ConTaku and finally took some more nice pictures!! *_* I love them! <3

Photography: VW // Editing: Rayi (me)
CosplayerRayi (me)

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Groot appreciation post | Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 2013 #4

I never thought I’d use the word cute to describe this dude, buT LOOK AT THAT FACE.

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Did you know that as a City of London Libraries member you have remote access to a variety of online resources, including some wonderful journals? Members can remotely search our collections using our EBSCO Discovery Search portals with their library card, with access to thousands of titles. Great for research or if you just want to find out whether we have something you want from the library.

This week’s journal pick is Captain America’s Empire: Reflections on Identity, Popular Culture, and Post-9/11 Geopolitics


This article introduces comic books as a medium through which national identity and geopolitical scripts are narrated. This extension of the popular geopolitics literature uses the example of post-11 September 2001 (“9/11”) Captain America comic books to integrate various strands of theory from political geography and the study of nationalism to break new ground in the study of popular culture, identity, and geopolitics. The article begins with an introduction to the character of Captain America and a discussion of the role he plays in the rescaling of American identity and the institutionalization of the nation’s symbolic space. The article continues by showing how visual representations of American landscapes in Captain America were critical to constructing geopolitical “realities.” A reading of post-9/11 issues of the Captain America comic book reveals a nuanced and ultimately ambiguous geopolitical script that interrogates America’s post-9/11 territorialization.

If you would like a library membership, or have any general questions, do get in touch.

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Aquaman: ‘Never trust an Amphibian. Land or Water, choose a side!’

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Barbarians of Lemuria

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