Propnomicon: Paperwork from the 'Verse

"Firefly" is long gone, but it’s fans continue to keep the show alive. Yellowjacket brings us an impressive collection of paper props from the ‘Verse, including ship’s papers, transit labels, industrial signage, and currency. His discussion thread includes links to everything in high-resolution PDF format.

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Day 2! (at Oz Comic Con, Sydney Exhibition Centre)

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Firefly - It's a Hard Life - James The Geek

Summary: It’s a Hard Life is my Firefly campaign set before the events of Serenity. We started play on April 23, 2014. I am using Savage Worlds as the rule system. Our heroes are all crew members on a small, but fast Hornet Class Ship.

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OP: Alan Chan
#cosplay #fionna #fionnathehuman #adventuretime #cartoon #variablecosplay

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Photo: Alan Chan. #cosplay #fionna #adventuretime #fionnathehuman #variablecosplay #smash2014 #smash #Sydney #Australia

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"On Tamaran, we appreciate the past. We respect it, but we don’t live there. We live here, now, in the moment."

Photographer: passerslife (FACEBOOK PAGE)
Starfire: thestarktorialist (FACEBOOK PAGE)

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My best friend Wonder Woman and me as Powergirl :)

You both did fantastic!

Woah! Thank you so much! We really did make a good team :)

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Janna Cosplay

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Hey guys, ive been featured on the nerdist with Vegas Pg!


Check out this video! I don’t have my wig yet here but I’m excited to keep improving my Cosplay skills!

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rizzapiff as Black Widow (Marvel Comics)

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