Supergirl: Landing by MomoKurumi

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Steampunk Iron Man and… Power Girl, I think? San Diego Comic Con International 2014.

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Darkflame Shyvana (League of Legends) by Galuren, a French cosplayer

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Darkflame Shyvana

by Galuren

Photographers: Tosh Photo and CosplayJayM’s MovPixXxZaikoor Photography

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League of Legends’ Darkflame Shyvana by Galuren

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This picture was taken at Made In Asia 2014 in Brussels by Ledouppe A.rt

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A Purr-fect Black Cat Cosplay Done by Oki-Cospi

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Vintage Cyberman !! 

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Take 2: Firefly RPG

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Firefly's Whole Cast Will Reunite for Firefly Online

Announced today at Comic-Con: All of the original Firefly stars will reprise their characters for the online game! And Alan Tudyk is playing multiple roles. Also showing up will be Michael Fairman as the crime lord Niska, who is apparently hiring.

You can check the game out on the Firefly Online website.


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1985 - Avengers West Coast #42 by John Byrne and Mike Machlan.

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