Hit-girl by Queenie

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Red Nails « Isegoria


At Isegoria:

Tim Callahan and Mordicai Knode look back at Appendix N of the original Dungeon Masters Guide — Gygax’s list of inspirational and educational reading — in their Advanced Readings in Dungeons & Dragons series on, and start by looking at Robert E. Howard‘s novella, Red Nails

Naturally the commentary turns to the “problematic” handling of race and gender. I am shocked to find such outdated views amongst antediluvian barbarians.

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on artifact size

dm: there is a cannon on wheels in the center of the room. it is the artifact you are looking for
p1: is this icon accurate? 2 squares across 3 squares down?
dm: yes
p2: you realize that this won't fit through any of the hallways, right?
me: did you forget to account for its size?
dm: I make no statement regarding this.
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Monstrous Futures: Dungeons & Dragons, Harbinger of the “None” Generation, Turns 40 | Religion Dispatches

This year, 2014, is the 40th anniversary of the game Dungeons & Dragons, the pen-and-paper role-playing game that not only launched an industry but provoked a wide-ranging cultural shift. In celebration of the anniversary—incidentally, also the 10th anniversary of its videogame-changing scion, World of Warcraft—Wizards of the Coast launched a new, and already best-selling, edition of D&D, and with it they will, later this month, issue the latest incarnation of the single most important and widely read bestiary ever published: The Monster Manual.

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Picture: Thomas Kilian - Soulcatcher Photography
Model, Hair and Makeup: Marta Misiak : Model&Make-up artist

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Model : Ilaria - photographed by Fabiohazard

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Power Girl: @Variablecosplay
Photography: @Strawdoll
#flashbackfriday #cosplay #PowerGirl #dccomics #comics

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C: Variable P: Strawdoll
#cosplay #PowerGirl #comics #karazorl #karenstarr #starrware #variablecosplay #nokryptonite #notgalatea

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Meine wunderschöne Freundin Sandra Kaczmarczyk ist Power Girl

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GraceyDarling Cosplayas Power Girl on Flickr.

Photo by GKani Media

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